Summer Send Off

Good Afternoon Parents,

It is going to be an exciting few days at Lucini Bus and in the community. Lucini Bus is having a 3-day event for our drivers to run their afternoon runs as a way for our staff to  end the school year and more importantly say thank you and have a good summer. Some of our drivers have known your children since kindergarten. We are sure you have some questions and we hope this will answer them.

  • What time do the buses roll? Your bus driver will be out on their MIDDLE, ELEMENTARY runs in the afternoon at your “normal” stop times.
  • What do I do as the bus arrives? Due to the COVID-19, the drivers CANNOT stop or use any lights to control traffic. That means, NO yellow lights, NO red lights, NO hazard warning lights. They will be driving by at a slow pace along their designed route.
  • What IF’s? Safety is always key, so to ensure safety, no gifts will be allowed at this time. You CANNOT get on your bus as tempting as it may be. Again to ensure safety of our staff and due to social distancing, the drivers have been instructed NOT to talk with anyone outside of your bus as tempting as it may be, because you CANNOT stop for any reason (other than Stop signs, stop lights and Railroad Crossings of course).
  • What CAN I do? The drivers cannot wait to see their kids again! Each driver is going to roll by each stop very slowly waving at each child and their family. Lucini Bus and our drivers want to let you know that we care about you, your family and we care about you every day of the school year. Thank you for showing our drivers your appreciation as they make their last run of the year.

The way this will roll:

Tuesday, June 9th

  • Raynham Buses 31-44
  • West Bridgewater   All                  

Wednesday, June 10th

  • B/R Buses 1 – 11                    
  • Easton Buses 1 – 9               

Thursday, June 11th

  • B/R   Buses 12 – 21    
  • Easton Buses 10 – 17           
  • East Bridgewater A – N                

Please remember that in order to do this there must be 100% compliance of the rules that are set forth due to social distancing and protecting against COVID-19 transmission. *

*It is up to you as to whether you wear a mask and/or gloves.

Enjoy the “Last drive of the year”. Lucini Bus and all staff would like to see everyone again.  Be safe. Thank You for respecting everyone during this unprecedented time in history.


Lucini Bus