School Buses

Our Bus Drivers are the Best in the Industry!

We pride ourselves on standing above the competition when it comes to safety. Our drivers are loyal and have been with the company for many years. Lucini’s low employee turnover is something that most companies strive for. Our strong relationships with our drivers allow us to ensure that you are getting top of the line service and a safe trip every time.

Other ways we keep you safe:

  • All of our operators are up to date with state safety guidelines
  • Drivers are monitored frequently with both drug and alcohol tests
  • On-site driving courses are available for frequent training and safety courses
  • All vehicles are closely monitored and maintained above industry standards
  • Any issue with a vehicle is reported real-time through our Zonar System allowing us always keep our vehicles safe
Zonar System

“Lucini provides our school system with amazing service every day of the week. The fleet management is great and since switching to Lucini, we have had no complaints about busses being late. Their up to date technology allows routes to remain on time, all the time. I would recommend Lucini to any local school system.” — local town administrator